Products and Price List

May 30, 2016 -

Like most elements of our website, this section is under construction and will be changing. We're going to list products that we have for sale and products we will have coming for sale.  Because we're not a factory farm we won't always have every item on the list all the time.  We're kickin' it old school here at Old Stillhouse Hollow: we process hogs when they're ready to be processed, we harvest honey when the bees can spare it and we pick the veggies when they get ripe in their own good time.  So what we have in stock is always fresh and always harvested at the optimum time.  Prices are subject to market change as well.  We'll keep them current on available products but the price may change from season to season.


Current Livestock For Sale - 


15 - 17 Ossabaw sows - These are about 150lbs - 200lbs each
42 and 48 Smaller Ossabaw boars and gilts, (m/f 50/50). - These run about 50lbs - 75lbs each

Red Wattle X's we have between 24 and 27, even mix m/f. - I'd put these around 75lbs +/- each